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Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm EDT
'll lead off with ashley and then move to dan blommenthal. ashley? >> thank you. it's a blessing to be here this morning. thank you for coming. i have the very pleasurable, but challenging task because i have to summarize today the totality of asian responses to the developments described in some detail in the first panel. if i can do that, that's will be some sort of minor miracle and more mir rack -- miraculous because the chapters were not written by me, but three of my collaborators who for various reasons, because they are in not in the united states, could not be with us today. i'll take the best stab i can at trying to summarize how the asian region, particularly the strategic asian quadrants, everything from northeast asia to north asia. the key states along this belt have been responding to the kinds of kate increases that were described at some length and the great clarity in the first panel. the chapters that focus on this in the book constitute literally half the book. because they deal with extraordinary levels of detail and extraordinary levels of nuance, i urge you at some po
Oct 5, 2012 5:00pm EDT
katie thank you. that is your time. next question from -- [applause] our next question comes from dan greene, staff writer for the northwest i will review. your question will go to christie vilsack first. >> for 43 straight months the national unemployment rate has been higher than 8%. i was unemployment rate in august rose the five and a half%. what areas of iowa's economy d.c. ripe for job growth? how do you plan to foster that growth to lower our unemployment and benefit our state? christie well, i talked a little bit about that in my introduction in terms of connection, innovation, and also education. i really see the opportunity to create layers of economic opportunity in the small panels and help recreate the middle-class and i have a plant -- i have seven or eight plans that i have been talking about around the district for the last year-and-a-half. one of them in particular i think i would like to speak to right now is making sure that we create another layer of the economy. we have done a great job and renewable fuel. now we need to create products and small businesses that e
Oct 1, 2012 8:30am EDT
here at northwestern college. spent also on a panel tonight, dan breen, no relation, staff writer from the northwest iowa review. that tonight we hope there a question. those from northwestern college students, our readers and viewers will help you make an informed choice on november 6. transport let's start by meeting the candidates for the fourth district congressional seat. steve king is a five term congressman has represented iowa's fifth congressional district since 2002. christie vilsack is a former first lady of iowa who serve as president of the vilsack foundation which partner with the national center for family literacy to promote media literacy with parents and their kids. now that you have a a chance to meet the candidates it's time to hear from them. each candidate will get 90 seconds before the opening statements. before the debate we flipped a coin to see who goes first. and tonight, that honor goes to christie vilsack. vilsack: thank you so much. thanks to ktiv and thanks to northwestern for having us here, and thank you to my husband, tom, for coming. i thank god every
Oct 4, 2012 9:00am EDT
the point that lloyd denson destroyed dan quayle. it didn't make any difference but he destroyed him. so i don't know but do you guys want to take a swing at that? >> i think there are two presidential debates after that one, so i think it will be more watched by folks like us in politics whereas i think the overall electorate and i'm not downplaying the importance of the vice presidential but charlie is right, it could have -- anything could make a difference. but it would be surprising to me. >> it's like in the olympics when they had the basketball games for the bronze medal. waiting for the gold medal game, this bronze medal game but do you know what? is the only debate next week. it's going to drive some of the coverage. it will either continue the sort of the momentum that romney had after last night or it will be seen as his vice president biden does well it will be seen as this is the first step towards the obama-biden team getting its footing back. i think it's important. i think in the media world we live in now where everything is analyzed, instantaneously, even before it happen
Oct 2, 2012 12:00pm EDT
in california and america and across the globe. and i can think of no more perfect partner dan usc whose reach is global and whose vision and ideals are huge. while arnold fink to the provost i want to also thank them. for the past month since i moved into my usc offices the campus has become my home away from home. when you are on the outside of usc you hear about how they left the best universities in the world. when we become a part of their community, you understand why. but some of the best and brightest students from california and all regions of the world, usc creates a culture that reflect their believe that for the students come for the nation and the world the possibilities are limitless. to fulfil this promise to usc students, the smartest most committed professors, researchers and scholars comprised of faculty and staff and are already engaged in the supporting the work of the institute. i also want to thank mike and beth for asking the policy of the would provide a home for the institute. another brilliant and perfect decision. they're perfectly aligned with the grand vision of ar
Oct 3, 2012 12:00pm EDT
has a margin in the house i don't think that he can hold off the republicans against dan obama version of the deal. the believes are stronger than the used to be. i think that we have more leverage over members in the campaign finance issues and other things but i think obama going to the lamar alexander in the senate and there are some equivalence in the house, even if the democrats don't control both houses of congress he would have some leverage to go round the leadership and i suspect he wouldn't mind. he would feel that he is obliged to deal with him in 2013 if romney has lost but people see bipartisanship when it's a leadership negotiation and the other is picking off against the wishes of leadership but the premise on both of those is the rest of the personal relationship before that can occur and the investor pointed out a governor mitt romney will have those talents. i think now that the president obama knows that he has them he is just going to have to demonstrate them more and be more engaged. so the reality is this. the future weeks away from the real work story and i think
Oct 4, 2012 12:00pm EDT
new hampshire and janet of nevada. the national sergeant arms from indiana. the national dan wheeler and the national treasure george whisker. please, stand and be recognized. thank you. [applause] i would like to take a moment to give special meaning in the audience who fully comprehend what i am just beginning to understand, what it means to sacrifice the year of your life to be the face of this great organization. past national commanders in the region. would you please stand and be recognized? [applause] next divestitures the leadership of the american legion oxalate. the nation's largest patriotic women's realization. please stand as i call your name and the demise. in national president peggy thomas from virginia. national vice president nancy brown park from california. the national secretary mary buckler from indiana. [applause] we also have several past national president of the oxalate joining us today. i would like for them to stand and be recognized. with us today is the national commander of the american legion. chris from the department of pennsylvania. chris, please st
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)